When you decide to start a web hosting reseller business, you may consider reselling domains as well. Both the services will make your new company more appealing to clients, due to the fact that they will be able to find everything they need for their websites from just a single place. Thus, you will be able to target many more people and the number of your potential customers will grow. Numerous hosting reseller back-end solutions feature the option to connect to a registrar company using the API of the latter, so the registration process will be automated. Having your own domain reseller account will give you more control and will allow you to supply more effective and faster support to your clients. Furthermore, the price which you will pay for a new domain name is lower when compared to what you would have to pay as an end customer. A deposit is often needed for a new domain reseller account.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Servers
We supply a free domain reseller account with all the VPS servers obtained with the cPanel hosting Control Panel, so you'll find everything you'll need to start your very own hosting reseller business and will be able to offer both web hosting space and domain names to your clients. Your account is made with eNom, among the leading registrars out there. They support tens of generic and country-code domain name extensions, which you'll also be able to offer to your customers. You can take advantage of the fact that your account will be under ours, due to the fact that a domain name registration or a renewal will cost considerably less. We will set up the account completely free and you can quickly integrate it with virtually any billing platform which you plan to use, such as the ClientExec platform, which we provide free of cost with all of the cPanel-based VPS packages as well.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Servers
We offer a 100 % free domain reseller account with all dedicated service obtained with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel, so if you obtain a server through our company, we'll supply you with everything that you need to start up a profitable reseller business right away. The account shall be created under our own account with eNom, one of the leaders on the domain registration market. It'll allow you to offer your clients all of the generic and country-code domain extensions, so your services shall be more popular with customers compared with what the competition can provide. The benefit of using the free account from us is that we are using their top package, so all of the rates that you'll see for the various extensions are the lowest. With just a few mouse clicks, you could add the eNom account to any billing solution, like the ClientExec reseller platform, that we also provide absolutely free.