Using our Web Control Panel, it will be easy to oversee every aspect of your web presence. You’ll have at hand descriptive reports, which will offer you real–time information on the resources your web sites are using and the views they are receiving. You’ll also find some specific information regarding the hosting servers in general. The information is separated into parts, meaning you can easily find your path around.

Server Info

Details for your server

In the Server Specifics part of the Web Control Panel, you will find more information with regards to the server your cloud service account is found on. You can check out the OS, the actual IP address and also the current Perl/MySQL editions, discover further information with regard to the running Perl modules and also the inbound and outbound mailing servers, keep track of the server load, and so forth.

You’ll also find detailed information around the PHP edition without needing to configure phpinfo files, etcetera.

Hepsia File Manager

Access & Error Logs

Immediately uncover any site general performance problems

The Access and Error Stats report information about the web server, including details of web server access and the sorts of glitches spotted in the course of web server performance. You can get both kinds of information on the operation of your web sites in the Online Stats Manager area of your Web Control Panel.

The access log displays each of the text files, image files, video files, etc. that individuals have got wanted to check out with your web site, and the error log records virtually all warnings and glitches the host has experienced since the log file was developed.

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Website Statistics

The best way to monitor visitors’ volumes

When you manage a prosperous site, it is important to know a lot about visitors – what number of unique visits your site attracts, exactly how many visitors go back to your website, precisely what keywords and phrases visitors use to discover your web site, and so forth. In the Online Stats Manager section of your Web Control Panel, you can see two traffic statistics instruments – Webalizer and Awstats that can help you obtain all the information you will need.

The applications demand absolutely no setup. After your web site is on the web, they’ll begin obtaining information with no effort on your side.

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CPU Stats

Keep track of your web sites’ CPU load

The server’s CPU is vital for the communication between your web site and its website visitors. The more sophisticated and resource–consuming your web sites are, the more hosting server resources and CPU time will be necessary. Through the CPU statistics section, you are able to observe which web site is using the largest percentage of CPU allocations.

You must take steps to enhance your websites if the CPU consumption quota has been reached. You can view detailed stats for each day and month as well as for a full calendar year.

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